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US drops available - thecyberghost - few minutes ago

I have several us drops available, card w/ pin in hand. These are serve, bluebird, gobank, to name a few. Im in constant supply of these. I am looking for someone who can load these, usually via next day transfer to the account. I offer a 5050 split, paid via btc. These accounts can handle smaller amounts, the highest ive had success with was a bit over 4900, with my usual experience being in the 500 - 2000 range.

I can smell scammers from a mile away, so dont contact me unless youre legit. Youll only be wasting your time and mine. If you want pay upfront, youre wasting your time. Your pay comes when mine does, as soon as funds drop into my accounts.

Contact me via pm or icq : 746302152

RE: US drops available - Andre Grey - few minutes ago

icq kudzai_beta
Telegram kudzai_beta

We can do business

RE: US drops available - Eyes - few minutes ago

Hello let’s talk