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We moved to .ws domain + Forum upgrades

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Hello everyone.

We are soon moving to CARDINGFORUMS.WS and will be closing down or redirecting .so domain soon. We are currently working on transferring the data to the .so and redirecting bots, etc to not lose seo or rank. We also have NEW logo hope you all like. I also change new CSS buttons and did upgrade on design.

Soon we will have NEW UPRADE PAGE more nice and pro.
And all categories will be cleaned no more spam etc.

We are also looking for moderators we will pay you weekly. PM us
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
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    Verified & Trusted Carded iPhone & Samsung Phones: XS, XSMAX, 8+, 8, 7 Plus, S9+, Ant Miner & Macbooks

I am a good moderator (arbitrator ) at least i learnt about law...I can hand disputes and also swindlers from this site..I am very good at solving issues and making sure that law & order are obeyed (i meant to make sure everyone obey the site rules to prevent any bad name).I have a good customers service techniques too.. also i have internet at home (broadband) so i can be online 24/7
I can do this work perfectly .I promise you & i will not let you down.

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