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 Payoneer carding 
Sticky Help What is Carding Forum Escrow and How to Start?
Escrow service is intended to be used by our members to keep their funds safe from rippers (scammers).
HACKED Carded Western Union, MoneyGram & Bank TRANSFERS (Only 15% of Total Amount)

1. The buyer makes a new escrow topic on the forum in this section and for the forum administrator to approve and confirm the escrow topic.
2. One of the forum administrators will contact both the buyer and the seller that listed in the escrow topic.
3. Buyer to transfer the transaction amount to the forum escrow using Bitcoin option (instant and automated):

4: Buyer can also deposit into forum escrow using other payment methods but they will need to be manually approved and added to buyer escrow balance: 
How to: Deposit Money using Bitcoin, 20+ Crypto Currencies or Perfect Money
How to: Deposit money using Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer

5. When the buyers escrow balance is topped up. Escrow will send buyer and seller  Escrow PIN to continue deal in hidden chat (Escrow Tracking) under escrow supervision.
6. Seller completes deal and confirms in hidden chat (Escrow Tracking. If the buyer is satisfied, then the administrator extracts the buyers escrow balance and transfers to seller escrow balance which can then be withdrawn by him.
7. If the buyer is dissatisfied with product or service, the administration will try to deal with this problem and decides to return the money to the buyer or not. Buyer will have option to open Scam report here:


The Escrow Service is 5% FEE of the transaction Amount (If you are VIP Member you do not pay Escrow Fee)
- 1 escrow = 1 deal = 1 topic.
- In each topic, write only those involved in the transaction
- If you do not participate in the transaction and we kindly ask you not to comment on someone else's topic, otherwise you will be warn or banned.
- if the transaction was unsuccessful 5% will not be returned.
- Administrators do not sell anything .
- The transaction can be for any amount.

Extra Helpful Links:
How to: Deposit Money using Bitcoin, 20+ Crypto Currencies or Perfect Money

How to: Deposit money using Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer
Paid adv. expire in 34 days
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