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Sticky Help How to: Deposit money using Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer
If you fully understand how the Escrow Service works (What is Carding Forum Escrow?), You can now pay with your preferred payment option. If you would like to deposit money via Western Union Money Gram or Bank Transfer then this is the right place. If you want to use different payment option please go back and click on the thread that shows your payment option.

Firstly you must agreed with the member (seller) the amount,service. Once they accept escrow the buyer must open escrow request. You must deposit the money into our Escrow accounts before you can open a thread in this section.

How can I pay with Western Union or Money Gram?

When sending with Western Union or Money Gram you must send from WU office near you (Online transfer is allowed). We ACCEPT Online payments. You also must provide screenshot of WU receipt once paid this is to provide proof. You will need to Private Message Escrow to request our WU details:
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Country:
  • Amount you are sending:

When you have sent payment you need to message escrow with the following details so that we can confirm your payment and add it to your escrow account balance:
  • Your first name:
  • Your last name:
  • Your country:
  • Your city:
  • MTCN Code: (10 digit)
  • Amount sent: (USD,EUR,GBP etc...)
  • Screenshot of WU receipt which you can upload on any image hosting website for example:

How can I pay with Bank Transfer?

You can pay with bank transfer ONLINE or at your local bank office. You need to Private Message escrow to request our bank details. You must post screenshot or any proof that you have completed bank transfer so we know that we don't waste our time waiting for your payment. Your bank transfer may take up to 5 days to process depend on what country you are from. We use worldwide banks so tell us what country you are from and we may have bank account in that country so processing will be quicker (1-2 days or instant).

Once payment has been sent please Private Message Escrow to confirm payment. You can request Bitcoin Wallet Address or Perfect Money Account Number by just PM'ing escrow first before you send payment to make sure they are Online before you send. Once payment is confirmed you can then open Escrow Thread. In your Escrow thread please write the following
  • The seller you are dealing with
  • How much you sent to escrow
  • What service you are receiving
  • Confirmation of transaction

Escrow will confirm to seller that payment is confirmed and then seller must complete their part of deal.

If the seller is unable to fulfil his part of the deal, the buyer can request a refund back to their profile escrow balance or payment method. Please note that refunds back to payment method will include a 5% fee which will be deducted from the amount deposited even if the escrow was unsuccessful we will still deduct this fee for using our services and using our time.

Paid adv. expire in 27 days
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