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Long but sure cash out service.. Looking for partners
Hello all, I am offering my service to all members in here.. I have developed and mastering a cash out scheme which is proving to be quite sure ...  The process takes a little bit more time but has a higher success rate.  I am looking for partners willing to work with me on profit sharing basis.. I am also looking for any good seller of cvv2, fullz and banks loggin.. Please note that I WILL ONLY DEAL WITH VERIFIED VENDORS WHO ARE WILLING TO USE ESCROW.  When we may have earn each others trust then we can deal straight and direct... If you can make transfers and you are willing to work with me, you are also welcome.. Jokers and scammers please keep off..  

I do not chat via ICQ of YM.

You can send me PM then il give you my jabber ID.

Paid adv. expire in 34 days
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Pardon me guys but I have discussed with certain people in here and it seems like a lot of guys dont know what they are doing or are only interested in getting 20 or 40$ bitcoin from you.. I have a lot of $$ but I will not send one cent to anyone if you are not willing to work with escrow.. It is that simple so if you have stuff to sell or you wanna make a transfer, I am ready but only with verified sellers or vendors who are willing to use escrow. Simple and straight

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