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List of scammers
I will now present you with a list of scammers from this forum and a description of how
each one of them ripped me.
The negotiations with these scammers were the same, they kept repeating trust me,
trust me, trust me!!!
Because I was communicating with them through the messenger Telegram, I'll give you
their telegram contacts:

1. Name
    Aiden Pearce
    User Name

@aidenpearce9696 asked me $ 200 to sent me a physical cloned card at the address
I specified in Bulgaria by your runner. I sent him $ 200. After he received the my money,
he told me that the immigration police were caught the runner and asked me to
send him another $ 300 to give the card to another runner.
2. Name
    Saber Quirk
    User Name

This scammer @Z33ULTINEN apply another scammer trick to me. He asked me for
$ 20 first to send me a card, I paid him $ 20. He lied to me and sent me nothing.
Then he apologized and asked me for another $ 20. The second time I sent him
another $ 20 and then he deleted all the chat in Telegram and blocked me.
I created another account in Telegram to communicate with him.
Then he told me that another scammer used his name Saber Quirk to rip me.
He changed his name to 3cee ATN ADMIN but the username was the same @Z33ULTINEN
He had the audacity to ask me to send him $ 20 for the third time, in order for third time
to rip me.
3. Name
    Shadow Shroud
    User Name

The scammer @ThePlagueA1 cheat me this way. He gave me one btc addres I to sent
him $ 20. And when I sent him $ 20, he edited the chat and changed the btc address,
making me a fool, as if I didn't understand the btc address. He then apologized that it was
his fault and asked me to send him another $ 20.
4. Name
    User Name
The sammer @belfortq cheat me this way. I sent him 250$ and he didnot sent mi anything,
and said me "Suck my dick"
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