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How to Open,Verify and Fund Accessible PayPal Account In Any Unsupported Country
how to open verify and fund accessible paypal account in any unsupported country

What exactly is PayPal?
Answer: PayPal is the world's most popular "middleman service" for
online purchasing. Where money grams and wire transfers were the
standard in the 20th century, today over 99 million Internet users prefer
to use PayPal to send money and receive money. PayPal has become
such a convenient and trusted way to transfer money online, 95% of
eBay's purchases go through PayPal.
How PayPal Works.
As an online financial transaction broker, PayPal lets people send
money to each other's email addresses. At no time will either party see
the other's credit card or bank information.
Similar to an escrow service, PayPal acts as the middleman holder of
money. Through its policies, practices, and business integrity, PayPal
has earned the trust of both parties. With multiple guarantees in place,
buyers and sellers entrust PayPal with their credit card and bank
information. PayPal keeps that private customer information secret.
Then, while "blinded" from the other party's confidential information,
strangers safely send money to each other through PayPal and email.
The wrong decision taken by PayPal is that they limit some countries
from operating with them for the best reasons best known to them,
countries like Nigeria (Can't receive money), Ghana, Pakistan,
Egypt, Libya etc.
Let’s go straight to the account opening:
Step 1: Get A Dedicated IP Address
In this step we shall be dealing with VPN which means Virtual
Private Network
It’s a service issued by some providers where you can use your local ISP
service to connect to a remote server, get connected and use the IP
address issued by them to browse the internet as if you are in that
country. For example, if I want to use a US IP address whereas I’m in
Nigeria, what I should do is to find a VPN service provider that can give
US IP. Pay them some money and get connected. With such service,
I can browse the internet as if I’m in US while am in Nigeria or any other
There are many VPN providers out there namely:
http://www.vpnseek.com ($10 Monthly)
http://www.worldvpn.com ($10 Monthly)
http://www.TopUpGold.com (7,500 Naira Yearly)
I have been using vpnseek and other foreign vpn providers but since I
discovered the one been sold by TopUpGold.com which is owned by a
Nigerian with excellence service. To get a VPN using Naira visit
http://www.topupgold.com move to their VPN section and place an order,
you will be given instruction on how to use the VPN by the provider.
After you might have gotten the VPN, when you are connected, just use
any of your browsers and go to http://www.ip2location.com or http://www.whoer.net
to check the location of your IP now. For example, If I am given Chicago
IP, I will connect the VPN and point my browser to any of the above site
to verify the IP given to me, if the two IP match with the one given to
you by VPN company, you can proceed. With this info, I should get
address and phone number from Chicago in US for my PayPal account
Step 2: US bank account for verification
It’s now time to get US bank account for verification. If you have a
means of getting it, then proceed to the next step. If not, I would suggest
that you get a virtual US bank account from http://www.topupgold.com locate
their “Other Service” page, look for US Virtual Bank Account (VBA)
place your order and proceed to the next step.
When you order from this site, they will also give you information on
how to use it .
Remember some countries’ PayPal account doesn’t need a bank account
for verification. You may be required to use a credit or debit card for
such purpose and the same site above can give you a VISA card. Visit
http://www.topupgold.com to get Virtual Credit Card for verification
This is the site I get my tools from and since my business with them they
never fail me, that is why I suggest you try their service.
Step 3: Generating Password, Address and Phone Number
Don’t use common password for your PayPal account. Use this site:
http://www.StrongPasswordGenerator.com to generate strong password.
This online software is superb for creating sophisticated passwords that
are hard to crack/guess.
This site is where we generate addresses and phone numbers. We call it
With this site, you can select the gender, name set and country you want
to generate names, addresses and phone numbers to be used in your
PayPal account.
NB: Use your real names for the PayPal account and make sure you
write down or print the details you got from fakenamegenerator.com
CAUTION: If your dedicated IP is located in Chicago find address
located in any city in Chicago, this is to enable authenticity of your
account. When you have gotten details from any of the city in Chicago
write them down or print it out for future use, the details will be used to
open any account you will use PayPal as means of payment so that your
PayPal detail will match that of the site you want to make payment to,
this is to avoid PayPal suspecting you. Lets assume my VPN is pointing
to Santa Rosa California, my addres and phone number will also be
pointing to the same location (Santa Rosa California USA). I will
emphasis more on this later.
Now we have gotten our tools let’s move to PayPal account opening.
NB: Due to some recent development, its advisable to add a valid US
phone number on your PayPal account. This will fasten the process if
you have any issue with your account. There are many companies
offering US Virtual phone number but the best to use is number gotten
from Google voice (Only for US and Canada).
If you have anyone in US, they can assist you to get one or you visit
http://www.TopUpGold.com, they also provide the service. They will get any
destination for you for a fee.
Remember to get the number from where your IP is pointing to.
Read about Google Voice number here >
Step 4: Creating A PayPal Account
In this report, I will be using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. So, first
and foremost, remove flash cookies, cookies and cache from your
To do this on Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools, then Clear
Recent History, select Cookies and click on Clear Now. If you are using
Internet Explorer, then click on Options, then Internet Options, then
General, then click on Delete under Browsing History and click Delete
To clear flash cookies open the control panel locate flash player and
open click on storage click > Delete All, a window will popup click on
delete data. Now you are ready to follow the next step.
After clearing cookies and cache, make sure the VPN is connected and
check through http://www.ip2location.com to confirm the IP location. If you
are satisfied, type http://www.PayPal.com in the browser address bar and click
Sign up button when the page opens.
Then select Premium or personal account.
Remember, am opening US PayPal account and I’m using a dedicated
Texas VPN IP address. I also clicked on Premium. That was the reason
United States appeared in the screenshot below.
When I clicked on Get Started under Premium account box, I got the
screenshots below. I filled it with the Texan address and phone number I
generated from FakeNameGenerator.com and clicked on Agree and
Create Account bottom
When this page opens, click on Go to My Account. Nothing more.
When you get into your account overview page, click on Confirm email
Go to your email and open a welcome email from PayPal
When it opens, copy the Confirmation Code you will see and paste it
where I will show you soon.
Go to your PayPal which is already open and click on Click here if the
button does not appear in the email to enter the confirmation code.
When the next page opens, paste the confirmation code you copied from
your email and click on Confirm.
If successful as it should be, you will be directed to the next page to
provide 2 secret questions and answers for security.
NOTE: Use your original country as Nationality, if you're a Nigerian,
choose Nigeria. This is to make it easy to resolve PayPal related
issue, in case they request for your National ID card.
Then, click on Go to My Account on the next page.
I will assume you have your US Bank account handy for verification .
So, when you are on My Account page after confirming your email
address, click on Add Your Bank Account
Add your US bank details as required in the fields you will see in the next
page and click on Continue.
If you have the login details to your US bank account, provide them as
required in the screenshot below and click Confirm Instantly, if not
choose Confirm in 2-3 days and proceed (If you choose Confirm in 2 – 3
days, get back to the US virtual bank account issuer and they will
provide you with the money PayPal will deposit into the account.)
Depending on the speed of your internet connection, PayPal will login
and confirms your US bank account in less than a minute.
After successful verification, this page will show up. Then, point
your mouse to Profile tab to click on More Options.
When the next page opens, do click on My Money
Then, click on Update at the end of My Preapproved Payments to
change some settings.
As the next page appears, click on Set Available Funding Sources
On the next page, you will see the bank account you have verified
already. Now, we have to remove it from being charged by PayPal
anytime you’re doing a recurring online payment. This will help your
new US PayPal account to avoid being limited by PayPal.
Uncheck the box and click Save. This will make the virtual US Bank not
to be used for recurring payments.
After clicking on Save button, now click on Overview tab to get to My
Account page.
Congratulation! Your account is VERIFIED
Step 5: Funding Your PayPal Account
Now that you have a functional and accessible PayPal account, it’s time
to fund it and start making payments/shopping online.
To fund your PayPal account visit http://www.topupgold.com Create an
account and follow the procedures there.
Step 6: Making Payment Online With Your PayPal Account
Before opening/accessing your PayPal account, make sure you have
cleared all cookies on your browser and flash.
The same thing is applicable when making payment online with your
PayPal account.
To do this on Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools, then Clear
Recent History, select Cookies and click on Clear Now. If you are using
Internet Explorer, then click on Options, then Internet Options,
General, then click on Delete under Browsing History and click
Delete All.
More so, if you have two PayPal accounts, after visiting one, make sure
you have cleared the cookies before going to the second account.
To clear flash cookies open the control panel locate flash player and
open click on storage click > Delete All, a window will popup
click on delete data.
Now you are ready to follow the next step.
If you want to pay for a digital product like eBook with your PayPal
account, first clear your cookies/cache and launch VPN.
Check the IP address. If ok, go to the url of the site you want to make
payment. Click on Buy button and select PayPal as your payment option
if there are other means. PayPal will lead you to where you will add
your PayPal email id and password.
Put your details and login. If you have enough balance for the purchase,
click on Pay Now button, make payment and return to merchant for
instructions on how to download and you are done.
Step 7: Withdraw Your PayPal Funds
To be honest with you, opening an account is not the problem but
withdrawing it. The best option is to sell your fund to someone that
needs it and get paid through local currency. Visit http://www.topupgold.com
they buy and sell funds.
Step 8: Renewing Your VPN Account
When your VPN subscription has expired and you want to renew it, the
VPN provider will give you details on the expiration date.
Step 9: Very Important Tutorial On How To Avoid PayPal
Here comes the real deal, opening PayPal is not the problem but keeping
it safe from limitation is where the problem is.
Now read the other package that comes with this manual on how to
avoid PayPal limitation.
Before opening/accessing your PayPal account, make sure you have
cleared all cookies on your browser and flash.
The same thing is applicable when making payment online with your
PayPal account. To do this on Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools, then Clear
Recent History, select Cookies and click on Clear Now.
If you are using Internet Explorer, then click on Options, then
Internet Options, then General, then click on Delete under
Browsing History and click Delete All.
Listen PayPal tracks your movements through cookies. If you have
visited their site before with a Nigerian IP for example, their powerful
software will record it. When you change your IP and goes back to their
site, there will be conflict which will trigger their security to limit your
Don’t Login and Logout of your PayPal account often. Even though you
have all the tools to nail PayPal, it’s not advisable to visit your account
often. It’s not payza.
If you are expecting funds, don’t login to your account. Check your
email. If you are paid, you will see the email alert.
Don’t use your PayPal for MLM or Gambling or Pornography. Also, if
you are using Nigerian address, don't use PayPal account to pay big time
hosting providers like Hostgator, Godaddy, etc. They will ask you to
provide your ID and there will be conflicts in your address here in
Nigeria and address in your PayPal account. Preferable to pay using Visa
Card or Master Card.
Now is the reason why I told you earlier to keep the details you
generated from http://www.fakenamegenerator.com you can only make
payment with big hosting companies like Hostgator.com, Godaddy.com
and the rest, you must use the same details you used when opening your
account so that it will match with that of PayPal, but if you have already
opened the account before PayPal, I advise you
to open another account with the details you used when opening your
PayPal account and also use dedicated IP to access any account related
to your PayPal account.
If not forget about it and go for master card solution.
CAUTION: Never use one dedicated IP for more than one account.
One IP one account.
I think with the above procedures you can own a verified and
accessible/functional foreign PayPal account in any country banned
by PayPal
Paid adv. expire in 28 days
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