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Hack a Gmail Account Easily. [Guaranteed]
Okay I will make the Tutorial Short and Clear. For this I'll Explain you STEP by STEP.

-Go to Youtube

-Search "Runescape Hacker" or "Runescape Hacker Download Link"

-Find the Download Link (They are usually in the comments Section.)

-Download the Runescape Hacker Tool.

-Don't open the Runescape Hacker Tool, It may be Backd00red Instead place it in a Separate Area.

-Download HexWorshop. Google it and you will Find the Link.

-Install HexWorkshop.

-Now go to the downloaded RunescapeHacker Phile and Right Click on it !

-Now You Will see something like "Edit this with HexWorkshop" Click It !

-Now you will see the HexWorkshop Screenie. Do Nothing, You will Feel confused for the First time But Believe it's Easy.

-Just go to the Edit on the Top and Find a Button "Find"

-When you get 'Find", Click on it !

-Now Before start Finding Anything Make sure you change the "Hex" to "String" value.

-Now Enter "Gmail" to the Box and Hit "Find".

-You will Get Popping Up a Black area. Don't touch it. Instead see on your Right for the Texts.

-Copy the Highlighted text and Paste it in a Text document (Newly Created).

-Remove the [.]>DOTs and You will see The Email ID + the Passwd.
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