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best paypal scama free worldwide truelogin ftp mail vbv

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Best Priv8 Paypal Scama v2


Because no one can buy it , every one will pay by skiping ads
The Download Will take u 1 minute http://sh.st/u4GTk

1 - Upload it
2 - Extract it
3 - Enter to /pp/install/
Why Ftp
1 - Most of web hostings limit the daily sended messages => you don't get all results
2 - Most of web hostings will check the sended messages and remove the scama => u lose all results
The install files will be removed automaticly so no one can change the email and ftp details
the url to give is just http://ww.site.com/folder/pp/ without the other directory
because it will be generated
1 - WORLDWIDE Auto Detect Country and set language like in real paypal ( dz / ma => Fr Mexico => spain ... etc )
2 - Auto Change the Source .
3 - Block all the bots and Hosts that try to detect it
4 - Undetected .
5 - True Login ( Will check just the email without loging to the paypal ) => all result work
6 - Integred VbV scama .
7 - Send message in every part so we don't lose results .
8 - Smarter way to get SSN and VBV code .
9 - Upload Via FTP.
10 - Simple install form .
11 - Have Secondary Credit Card information .
12 - auto change the copyright year.
13 - auto login to the real paypal after finishing
Paid adv. expire in 28 days
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re upload it
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Anybody get any of that? No seriously I'm green as f$$$ new as $hit to the game but I duplicate cc u got a number I'll turn it into swipeable reusable in store /ATM u name it it ll be better than factory $hit I went to the ATM w a McDonald's gift card and withdrew 500 bucks for breakfast this morning shit u can only imagine what lunch was I'm actually nervous about dinner now f$$$!!!!!!!
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reupload please
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Paid adv. expire in 28 days
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    Verified & Trusted Selling GOLD 15 - 300 grams - 24 Karat (Escrow) (Safe) 3$ / grams

some links are not working can you plz repost it?
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reupload please
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